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Installation instructions?

first post: bnardone wrote: Hi, This looks like just the thing I'm after. Are there installat...

latest post: Cann0nf0dder wrote: Hi Ben This may come a bit late for you but I had success adding a...

This is not working with craeting diffrent content type list

first post: indranilsarkar87 wrote: I had a list with four different content types. I'm now able to dis...

Suddenly Stopped Working

first post: JGraves wrote: This webpart was working fantastically right up until this weekend,...

Cannot get this web part to work

first post: michta42 wrote: Hi, Has anyone been able to get this web part to work? I'm trying...

latest post: GillesSylvestre wrote: Hello Mike. Did you ever figure it out?

How to install?

first post: GHusman wrote: Great app, thank you for sharing it! How do I install it? what pre...

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